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Your own customized range of products 26.03.2018
Are you interested in meeting with professionals and discussing the possibilities for your business? Thanks to our deep portable sanitation know-how we now offer a possibility to create your own customized range of products. Choose your...
Eurotoi 2018 tradeshow 12.03.2018
We would like to thank all visitors of our stand at Eurotoi 2018 tradeshow. We are looking forward to working with you.
New products in stock 19.03.2018
New products in stock. Order the whole range of our products at chladek@polyjohn.eu

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PolyJohn is a leading manufacturer and designer of portable polyethylene (plastic) toilets with over 30 years of experience in portable sanitation products, whether it’s a portable toilet, a washstand, a holding tank, or our range of cleaning and deodorising products. PolyJohn has a wide range of products to suit your needs. PolyJohn has offices and warehousing throughout the world with three manufacturing plants in the USA, Canada and Brazil. There is an International Office based in the UK and our latest office and warehouse for Eastern and central Europe based in Czech Republic. As with our motto, “there when you need us”, and that’s exactly what we promise to our customers.

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