Main Description

The industry's premiere unit is now even better.
The PolyJohn Fleet Series™ once again sets the standard for high quality portable restrooms. 

Features and Advantages: 

Unique ventilation system 
Spacious design allows for most efficient use of interior space 
Sleek easy-to-handle exterior design 
Heat-treated aluminium doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact. The base incorporates an Aluminium base surround that acts as a shock absorption system.

Toilet Paper holder (2x) along with Liquid Soap Dispenser and Paper Towel dispenser also available.

New Engineering Provides: 

New tank design with deep sump area and double filter

Foot operated pump, incorporated into the base floor
Greater stability with less potential for wind blow-over 
Offers the best value for multiple markets from construction sites to upscale events 
New non-splash urinal.

Optional stylish Fleet sink, external door locking system and vanity shelf.

Technical Description

Exterior Height 91 in/231 cm 
Interior Height 83 in/211 cm 
Exterior Width 47 in/119 cm 
Interior Width 43 in/109 cm 
Exterior Length 47 in/119 cm 
Interior Length 45.5 in/116 cm 
Side Wall Panel Decal Area 5.85” x 37”/15cm x 94 cm 
Door Decal Area 22.5” x 29”/ 57cm x 74 cm
Seat Height 19.5 in/49 cm 
Door Frame Width (i.d.) 26 in/66 cm 
Door Frame Height (i.d.) 75 in/191 cm 
Holding Tank 60 gal/227 L 
Weight - Static Model (less sink) 195 lbs/88 kg 
Weight - Flush Model 243 lbs/110 kg 
Holding Flush Tank 40 gal/151 L