Main Description

The latest portable toilet unit from PolyJohn with a whole new revolutionary design and new concepts. Packaged And Container Evolved, PACE offers easy assembly with minimal fixings and parts assuring a quick build with minimal tools. State of the art PACE has been designed with an effective ventilation system using non-traditional methods. The one-piece base offers a trailer ‘T’ bar locking system as one of its special features. Above all it has been designed to maximize the number of units that can be carried/loaded into a truck or container. With effectively 100% increase into a container. PACE has also been effectively designed to be packaged in ‘off the shelf kit units’ in small quantities for easy handling, warehousing and delivery by regular truck or van. Can be provided in Static or Recirculating foot pump. An additional Washstand and Urinal are also available.

Technical Description

Exterior Height: 86in / 218cm
Exterior Width:47in / 119cm
Exterior Length: 47in / 119cm
Holding Tank: 60gal / 227 L
Weight: 176 lbs / 80 kg
Seat Height: 19in / 48 cm