Main Description

The traditional workhorse of the portable toilet industry which has greater capacity than its, predecessor, easy to clean and an overall increase in strength and durability. Major design features include a cone shaped sump area with a recessed section in the tank for the foot pump. This unit comes with the PSN1-1000 washstand which acts also as the tank to supply the fresh water delivery to the bowl and tank when the foot pump is depressed. The stool/seat area is slightly angled and protruded. The door opening has been increased in height and a heat treated aluminium doorjamb for strength and rigidity.

We can provide a urinal, and an external door lock.

Technical Description

Exterior Height: 91in / 231cm
Interior Height: 82in / 208cm
Exterior Width:43.5in / 110cm
Interior Width: 41in / 104cm
Exterior Length: 47in / 119cm
Interior Length: 41in / 104cm
Holding Tank: 60gal / 227 L
Weight: 165 lbs / 75 kg
Seat Height: 19in / 48 cm