Main Description

POLYLIFT™(with roof option) 
Designed exclusively for high-rise construction projects! 

Features and Advantages: 

Heavy-duty casters 
Easily lifted by crane and/or elevator 
Steel frame/polycombo unit designed to take abuse 
Provides two options for getting unit into building 
Long-life durability

Technical Description

Height w/Roof 91 in/231 cm 
Height w/Out Roof 69 in/175 cm
Length w/Roof Down 61 in/155 cm 
Length w/Out Roof 53 in/135 cm 
Width w/Roof Down 35 in/89 cm 
Width w/Out Roof 33 in/84 cm 
Weight w/Roof 287 lbs/129 kg 
Weight w/Out Roof 251 lbs/113 kg 
Capacity 32 gal/144 L 
Color: Main body pewter grey, door and roof blue, orange or tan