Main Description

A simple shower module that dispenses fresh water from a water hose supply connected to the rear, whether a mains connect or a portable water bowser and a connection to a grey water sewage disposal system from the base rear.

All this is fitted into our Fleet Cabin with shower grated floor, shower curtain and clothing wash bag.

Technical Description

Standard Garden Hose connection
Shower curtain and washbag included.
2" dia drainage pipe.
Exterior Height 91 in/231 cm 
Interior Height 83 in/211 cm 
Exterior Width 47 in/119 cm 
Interior Width 43 in/109 cm 
Exterior Length 47 in/119 cm 
Interior Length 45.5 in/116 cm 
Side Wall Panel Decal Area 5.85” x 37”/15cm x 94 cm 
Door Decal Area 22.5” x 29”/ 57cm x 74 cm