Main Description

The Men's Room is a hexagon shaped restroom containing five, single-user rotomoulded wall mounted urinals. Lightweight rotomoulded holding tanks for each urinal are located outside the unit allowing for easy access to servicing even while the unit is being used. There is plenty of space inside.

A privacy barrier replaces the door. This three piece frame with individual vinyl/nylon panels allows efficient, unimpeded traffic flow and is connected to the roof of the Men's Room for support and wind resistance. Convenient entrance and exit signs are located on the barrier.

Technical Description

Height: 92.5 in / 235 cm
Width: 85.2 in / 217 cm
Depth: 92.4 in / 235 cm
Door Opening Height: 80 in / 203 cm
Door Opening Width: 32.5 in / 83 cm
Holding Tank each: 26 gal / 95 L
Weight (less tanks): 328 lbs / 149 kg
Privacy Barrier Height: 84.5 in / 215 cm
Privacy Barrier length: 13 ft / 3.96 m