Main Description

This unique hands-free twin sink design converts easily to a four-sink island by placing two units back to back. Large sink bowls, refuse bag holders and a service tower with two paper towel dispensers and a single soap dispenser enhance this user friendly design. Flexible inner grey-water tank bag and easy access for refill and cleaning via the whole unit top opening, with 2no. locks for sealing. Front access fresh water and grey water drainage plugs for rapid servicing.
50 gal capacity (227 L) which equates to 3,840 dispenses. Two fluid ounce per tap.
An optional umbrella also available. Also a hard liner version and a city mains connect models available.

Technical Description

Height: 47.5 in / 121 cm
Width: 21.7 in / 55 cm
Length: 50.5 in / 128 cm
Weight: 80 lbs / 36 kg
Capacity: 50 gal / 227 L