Main Description

PJN3™ Hand Wash Station 
Features and Advantages: 

Hygenic hands free foot operated pump 
A convenient option for any market 
Heavy duty one-piece construction 
Easy to clean and maintain

Can be used for a fresh water delivery system to the Fresh Flush PJN3 

Technical Description

Height 40 in/102 cm 
Width 17.5 in/44 cm 
Depth 8.5 in/22 cm 
Capacity 16 gal/61L 
Weight 16 lbs/7.2 kg 
Weight Empty 20.5 lbs/9.3 kg 
Weight Full 145 lbs/65.8 kg 
Pump Capacity per stroke 2 fl. Oz./59.14 ml 
Number of single dispenses 960